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Norwegian user survey

The Norwegian ENIC/NARIC office has carried out a survey of user satisfaction with recognition services.

Last year NOKUT had an increase of about 25% in its caseload compared with 2009. Despite this the increase in processing time is about the same as in 2009, according to a user survey carried out by NOKUT.

Most applicants (60%) seem to be satisfied with the service they received. Not unexpectedly, those who gain approval are more satisfied than those who are rejected. Of those who received full approval of the application, 80% were satisfied. Only 10% of those receiving considerably less than they expected were satisfied with the service.

The average processing time was 2.8 months, which is the same as last year. The survey showed a clear link between satisfaction with the processing time and the experience of NOKUT service. NOKUT unfortunately expect that the processing will go up in the short term, as there is still expected to be a strong growth in the number of applications. Efforts, of course, continue to keep processing time down.

NOKUT also provides advice and guidance to institutions and employers. For these groups, the survey shows that 75% were satisfied with the service they received.

80% felt that NOKUT employees were clear and professional, and said they had great confidence in the advice they received. All respondents would recommend others in the sector to make contact with NOKUT should they have questions on recognition of foreign higher education.


More information about the findings of the survey is available at the NOKUT website: