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NOKUT Annual Report 2010

The Norwegian ENIC/NARIC went into 2010 with a new strategy, new organizational structure and new web pages.

The Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT), which is also the Norwegian ENIC/NARIC, has published its annual report. The report gives a summary of NOKUT's results and development in 2010.

NOKUT went into 2010 with a new strategy, new organizational structure and new web pages. Continued strong increase in the number of applications for recognition of foreign education and new supervisory regulations for higher education were also key words for NOKUT in 2010.

Sharply rising awareness of recognition of foreign education

NOKUT received 3,879 individual applications for general recognition of foreign education in 2010, an increase of 25% compared with 2009. NOKUT also experiencing rapidly increasing demand for other services in the field. To make information about the various authentication, authorization and recognition schemes more accessible, NOKUT established an Information Centre for the Recognition Systems of Foreign Qualifications, INVIA, in April 2010.

– Although the sharp increase in the short term gives us great difficulty in our processing capacity, we are pleased that the demands for our services in the field increase. The labour market is becoming more and more international, and correct information on foreign expertise is becoming increasingly important. We will therefore continue to strengthen our role as a comprehensive resource for the recognition of foreign education, said NOKUT director, Terje Mørland.


The report can be downloaded from NOKUT's website: