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Denmark: 2016 report on recognition

The number of assessments of Syrian and other foreign qualifications continued to increase in 2016.

Danish annual report on recognition 2016The Danish Parliament, Folketinget, has received the 2016 report on assessment and recognition of foreign qualifications.

You can download the report (in Danish) at

Some key figures are available in English at


In 2016, the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education (Danish ENIC/NARIC office) issued a total of 5,690 assessments of foreign qualifications of various kinds (up 7 % from the previous year). This includes 3,192 ordinary assessments, i.e. a document which the qualification holder can use when looking for a job or continuing education.

While qualifications at all levels are assessed, 69 % of ordinary assessments in 2016 indicate a level within higher education.

Qualifications from Syria continued to increase in 2016, with 608 assessments, up from 382 in 2015.

In addition to ordinary assessments, the Agency provided 1,209 assessments for the immigration service in connection with the Danish greencard scheme, which was discontinued in June 2016.

Furthermore, the Agency provided various fast-track services. For example, its hotline for admissions officers answered 672 enquiries from educational institutions about foreign qualifications.

The report also describes developments in the field of recognition and provides statistics on appeals concerning credit transfer brought before the Qualifications Board and professional recognition carried out by the authorities responsible for the regulated professions.