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Education Barriers Project 2003-2007

The five Nordic ENIC/NARIC offices have carried out a multi-faceted project to reduce barriers to inter-Nordic mobility and enhance cooperation on recognition.

The Education Barriers project (Gränshinderprojektet in Swedish) was carried out from 2003 to 2007 with the financial support of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Final report of the project:

The project was aimed at

  • identifying and reducing the barriers to mobility of higher education qualification holders between the Nordic countries

  • developing Nordic recognition cooperation with a view to learning from each other and setting up common standards to the extent possible

The major part of this work was carried out in a number of subprojects:

The project was finalised in 2007.

Together the directors of the five offices made up the management group for the project, which was coordinated by Ulf Öhlund, former head of the Swedish office.