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Information work of Nordic ENIC/NARICs

The information project produced the NORRIC website and a report on the Nordic offices' information work. Both of them are intended as a source of inspiration for professionals in the Nordic countries and beyond.

The information project aimed to

  • make the outcomes of the Nordic Education Barriers project available to recognition professionals and to the wider public through a pilot website. The experience gained in this process provided a basis for deciding whether to maintain a Nordic website on recognition issues.

  • promote cooperation and best practices in the field of information provision and management by sharing knowledge about the information activities and plans of the Nordic offices.

The project was motivated by the importance of information in ensuring recognition of qualifications, as underlined by the adoption of a European Code of Good Practice in the Provision of Information at the 11th joint meeting of the ENIC and NARIC networks 7-8 June 2004. See:

The project consisted of two parts:

The website

As a first step, the website provided a platform for information about NORRIC and the outcomes of the Nordic projects. Within the limits of a low-budget pilot project the website has presents the basic features of a gateway to information about recognition of qualifications in the Nordic countries.

A report describing the information practices and strategies of the national offices: 

The report was finished in November 2006. It was intended to provide facts allowing the offices to pick up ideas and inspiration, i.e. as a tool for improving information work in each country. This work might lead to further ideas for Nordic cooperation in the field of information provision and management. It is not intended to provide a synthesis or an evaluation of the offices' work.


Read the report: