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Recognition standards of Nordic ENIC/NARICs

Recognition of foreign higher education degrees in the Nordic countries - similarities and differences.

This project focussed on the actual outcome of assessment work in the different Nordic countries.

A number of sample degrees were assessed by each of the five ENIC/NARIC offices, specifying the criteria and methods used. In a second phase, participants discussed the different assessment outcomes and how the differences might be reduced.

The final goal of the project was to bring Nordic ENIC/NARICs closer to each other in recognition both methodologically and in the way of evaluation results. Shared understanding of each office's methodology and way of reasoning in the recognition of certain types of cases will help in understanding why assessment outcomes differ. Discussing differences will hopefully lead to new ways of looking at some aspects in the process of recognition.

As a side effect the project produced a tool for future use in the exchange of information on recognition.

The project was carried out in 2005/06. 


Read the project report: