PhD degree


Key features

  • Qualification: Ph.d.-grad
  • Qualification in English: PhD degree
  • EQF level: 8
  • Cycle: Third cycle
  • Thesis required: PhD thesis
  • Nominal length: 3 years / 180 ECTS
  • Access requirement: Master’s Degree
  • Access to further study: –


The PhD degree is awarded after a total of normally 8 years of higher education and research. The PhD programme itself normally lasts 3 years (180 ECTS points).

The programme is completed with the public defence of a PhD thesis.

Degree titles

  • National language: Ph.d.
  • English: PhD

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding

Persons obtaining degrees at this level…

  • Must possess knowledge at the highest international level within the research field.
  • Must have made a significant contribution to the development of new knowledge and understanding within the research field based on scientific studies.


Persons obtaining degrees at this level…

  • Must master the scientific methodologies and tools as well as master other skills related to research and development tasks within the field.
  • Must be able to analyse, evaluate and develop new ideas, including design and develop new techniques and skills within the subject area.
  • Must be able to participate in international discussions within the subject area and disseminate scientific findings and progress to a wide audience.


Persons obtaining degrees at this level…

  • Must be able to plan and carry out research and development tasks in complex and unpredictable contexts.
  • Must be able to independently initiate and participate in national and international collaboration on research and development with scientific integrity.
  • Must be able to independently initiate research and development projects and, through these, generate new knowledge and new skills which develop the research field. professional development and specialisation.