Assessment databases

Several Nordic recognition information centres provide databases on previous individual assessments or assessment standards.

Please note: Assessments are provided as advisory information only.


  • Qualifications Assessment Tool – Find out what a foreign qualification compares to in Sweden
  • Bedömningstjänsten (in Swedish) – General assessments of qualifications from selected countries.
  • NARIC-portal för erkännande av utländsk utbildning (in Swedish) – The portal is a tool for credential evaluators, especially in the context of admission to Swedish higher education. It offers information about education systems, a forum where users can ask questions and receive (or look up) answers, etc. You need to register in order to have access.
  • Utländska gymnasiebetyg (in Swedish) – Provides information about foreign qualifications for entry to Swedish higher education.


  • Landdatabase (in Norwegian) – Overview of education systems and recognition guidelines for selected countries.
  • GSU List – List of general entry requirements for applicants with foreign qualifications.