Bachelor’s degree


Key features

  • Qualification: Bakkalárpróf
  • Qualification in English: Bachelor’s degree
  • EQF level: 6
  • Cycle: Cycle 1.2
  • Thesis required: Final thesis is a requirement in most Bachelor’s programmes, but not all.
  • Nominal length: 3 – 4 years / 180 – 240 ECTS
  • Access requirement: Upper secondary level (Stúdentspróf or equivalent). Higher education institutions or individual faculties can make specific requirements regarding the combination and focus of the Stúdentspróf.
  • Access to further study: Master’s degree

Degree titles

  • Icelandic:  Bakkalárpróf
  • English: Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BS or B.Sc.), Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.).

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding

Persons obtaining degrees at this level…

  • Have acquired general understanding and insight into main theories and concepts
  • Are aware of the latest knowledge in the relevant field
  • Can apply the basic elements of information technology


Persons obtaining degrees at this level…

  • Can use the relevant equipment, technology and software
  • Can apply critical analytic methods
  • Can rationalise their decisions
  • Can evaluate critically the methods applied
  • Recognise when further data is needed and have the ability to retrieve it, assess its relia-bility and apply it in an appropriate manner
  • Can use reliable data- and information resources in the relevant scientific field
  • Have acquired an open-minded and innovative way of thinking


Persons obtaining degrees at this level…

  • Have developed the competences and independence needed for further studies within the field
  • Can work in an independent and organised manner, set goals for their work, devise a work schedule and follow it
  • Can participate actively and lead work groups
  • Are capable of interpreting and presenting scientific issues and research findings