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In this section you will find reports from NORRIC projects and study visits as well as other reports on various countries or recognition-related topics.



Countries and regions (study visits)

  • Greece and Cyprus (in Swedish, pdf, 728 KB)
    Report on a study visit in October 2012.
  • British Columbia, Canada (in Swedish, pdf, 520 KB)
    Report on a study visit in May 2011.
  • Kazakhstan (in Swedish, pdf, 200 KB)
    Report on a study visit in September 2010.
  • The System of Education in India (pdf, 587 KB)
    Report on a study visit in September/October 2005.
  • The System of Education in Pakistan (pdf, 1.814 KB)
    Report on a study visit in September 2005.

  • Poland (pdf, 383 KB)
    Report on a NARIC study visit to the Polish NARIC, Bureau for Academic Recognition and International, 5-7 May 2004.

  • The system of education in Russia – NORRIC, February 2005 (pdf, 5 MB).
    Based on a study visit the report describes present education levels and programmes, the system of quality assurance and accreditation, selected diploma formats and diploma security features. It also discusses comparability of Russian and Nordic degrees and programmes and suggests topics for possible future work.
  • Higher Education in Iraq – National Agency for Higher Education, Sweden, 2003 (pdf, 677 KB)
    This report is the result of a study visit to Iraq which was conducted in May 2000 by Andreas Arsalan and Jonas Littorin of the Swedish ENIC/NARIC office.


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