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Denmark: Annual report on recognition

DK-ENIC/NARIC publishes annual report on assessment and recognition of foreign qualifications.

2019 saw a small increase in the total number of assessments from the Danish ENIC/NARIC office in spite of a drop in refugee numbers.

The Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education (Danish ENIC/NARIC office) made a total of 3,898 assessments of foreign qualifications of various kinds, up 4 % from the previous year. This includes 2,600 ordinary assessments, i.e. a document that the qualification holder can use when looking for a job etc.

The average case processing time for an ordinary assessment in 2019 was 34 calendar days.

The annual report provides statistics and describes developments in the field of recognition including the various services offered by the ENIC/NARIC office as well as credit transfer appeals and professional recognition for access to regulated professions.

Nordic cooperation

Automatic recognition in the Nordic Region

Report for the Nordic Council of Ministers

The Nordic Council of Ministers mandated the 5 Nordic ENIC-NARIC Offices (NORRIC) as well as representatives of Nordic higher education institutions and students to draft a policy paper on the implementation of automatic recognition in the Nordic countries. The report was completed end of 2019.

Download “Automatic recognition in the Nordic Region” (pdf)

The Nordic Council of Ministers has donated money to hold a Nordic seminar on automatic recognition and digitalisation, where the possible implementation of the recommendations of the reports will be further developed and discussed. The seminar is postponed due to the corona crisis.

Furthermore, as an outcome of the report an update of the Reykjavik Declaration dealing with mutual recognition in the Nordic region will be launched soon. Focus will be on integrating automatic recognition in the text of the declaration.

Nordic cooperation

Nordic report looks into digitalisation in recognition

A policy paper initiated by the Nordic Council of Ministers proposes ways of exploring the possibilities in digital developments, both in the Nordic region and globally.

This policy paper has been drafted by an ad hoc group appointed by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Most of the Nordic ENIC/NARIC offices participated in the group, which was chaired by NOKUT.

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